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When Crisis Strikes: Six Bible Verses to Assure a Worried Heart

Before the year 2019 ended, the world was shocked by the detection of the Novel-Corona Virus or COVID-19, now identified as the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).  It was identified as a virus that affects the respiratory system of a person and is highly contagious by close contact. Despite the amount of research done and still being done to contain the virus, it is affecting thousands more of people from all over the world.  In times of crises such as this, how should we, Bible Ambassadors, respond?


God’s Word is true and can be trusted. When we seek God’s Word, we will find that He is sovereign, He is true, and His promises are sufficient to give us comfort, strength, and peace during difficult times.


With the advent of social media, information is just at the tip of our fingers. The downside of this is the uncontrolled number of people able to spread false information and fake news.  How do we respond to this?  First, verify the source of any information you read and see online.  Second, ensure its legitimacy and authenticity.  Only then should you share to your friends and loved ones.  Any untruthful claims and band aid solutions to our problems will not help in any way.  During these troubled times, it is necessary to ask for the wisdom that comes from God. He alone can help us make the right decisions – in this context, to share or not to share.


The steady rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country causes fear and panic among the Filipino people. It is not uncommon to hear reports of alcohol, surgical masks, hand sanitizers, and even food, being hoarded because of the fear of possible lockdowns in certain regions. During this time of doubt and unrest, Christians are called to step up in faith and remind others of God’s sovereignty over everything.  Christians are called to inspire others to cling to God and receive the peace and rest that He offers.


During times when we cannot control what is happening around us, we put our trust in the One who is sovereign and is high above everything. Prayer is an expression of our trust and humility before God. As Christians, we are called now to intercede for our nation and the rest of the world. God promised that if we humble ourselves before Him and pray, He will hear from heaven and will heal our land. Prayer changes everything.  All things are possible when we pray.


Heavenly Father, I come before You today acknowledging my need for assurance and comfort.  I humbly set aside my pride and knowledge as I wait for You to speak to me.  Thank You for the peace You lovingly offer, the hope that comes from trusting in You, and the joy that encourages me to carry on.  I am captivated by Your Word’s wisdom and relevance. It is truly the LIGHT in the midst of this darkness.


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