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When a Receiver Becomes a Giver: Ryan Panganiban’s Changed Life

Mr.RyanPanganibanhasbeenworkingas a seafarer for 10 years, as of today. While he remains committed to his calling at sea, he answers another kind of call—the one we send out at the Philippine Bible Society (PBS). Interestingly, he had no idea that PBS existed until his discovery of a PBS-published Bible in his mother’s home many years ago.

He randomly came across the said Bible one day. He did not mention how he found it or where it was around the house. But, he did specifically note that it was the PBS logo that intrigued him. He wanted to know more about PBS and find out our involvement in the publication of the Bible he held in his hands at the time—a Good News Translation (GNT) Bible.

The typical reaction of most people would be to simply go online and search for “Philippine Bible Society” on Google. Thousands of search results would come up and our website should take the top spot on the search list. But Ryan had other plans. He took it upon himself to search for our main headquarters on UN Avenue, Manila. And one day, in 2014, we found him at our doorstep. He was the one who took the initiative to go to the PBS Ministry Center and involve himself in the cause of the Bible Society. Since then, he visits us each year to give his donation. Being the shy and reserved person that he is, he always arrives with no announcement or fanfare—just a simple man who wants to donate and share his blessings.

This conviction to give has been planted like a seed in Ryan’s heart for quite some time, even before discovering PBS.

He was introduced to the loving and saving power of Jesus Christ through his relatives. He also met other faithfuls while serving as a seafarer.

But while he was receiving spiritual guidance and mentoring from relatives and friends, Ryan admitted that he wasn’t a Bible reader.

It was only when he opened the GNT Bible in his mother’s home that day that his personal Bible reading journey began. This event, plus other factors like his understanding family and supportive coworkers, helped Ryan develop his desire to read God’s Word.

On his life before becoming a Bible reader, he revealed, “There wasn’t much direction in my life. I didn’t really have any plans for myself. I felt that blessing was far from me. I felt like I wasn’t experiencing ‘blessings’ in general.”

Today, he is a consistent Bible reader. With daily nourishment from God’s Word, Ryan can confirm the changes that reading the Bible has made in his life. He noted, “Many blessings have arrived and there are certain things I used to do before that I don’t do now.” Praise God!

He talked about how the story of David, Bathsheba, and Uriah affected him. “David stumbled when he lusted after Bathsheba and had Uriah killed. But David got back up again. Just like us, when we get caught and stumble, some [of us] don’t even admit it. But it is better to confess our wrongs,” Ryan said.

He used to feel like he had no blessings. Now, he is so blessed that he is an active giver to the Bible cause.

He committed a lot of mistakes in the past. Now, he is a changed man who shares his thoughts on David’s life, his appreciation for the story in Luke 8 about the faithful woman who touched Jesus’ cloak, and his memories of listening to sermons via cassette tapes on a radio.

He used to leave the Bible unread and unopened. Now, he is a Bible reader—and a giver that allows others to become Bible readers as well.

We believe that his heart has been touched so deeply by the Word of God that the only way to address the overflow is to pour out his blessings onto others. Ryan is firm in his belief that people should abide by the Lord’s teachings and commandments found in the Bible.

“By knowing the basics of the Bible alone, you can already apply them in your daily life. You really don’t need to debate with anyone else. Just apply the basic teachings of the Bible in your life,” said Ryan.

Praise the Lord for simple and genuine souls like Ryan Panganiban!

We pray that this seafarer will be blessed and protected in all of his future travels and work assignments. He may be shy and silent like the sea at daybreak. But like the roaring waves during high tide, his generous heart is a reflection of how fiercely strong his conviction is in being a giver to the Bible cause.

The story of how Ryan became one of our most consistent and loyal givers is so simple; it can remind anyone of how God moves mysteriously and mightily in the lives of people.

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