Philippine Bible Society

UNBH Project Update


“We’re already on the homestretch.”

This was what Dr. Medarlo Rivera said when asked for an update on the on-going UN Building construction project.  He furthered that the building structure has been finished and that the architectural, electrical, and mechanical aspects of the Bible House have entered the finishing stages.
“This project is a testament to God’s goodness,” Dr. Rivera said, noting that given the project’s high cost, PBS would not afford it save for God’s grace.
The ground floor of the 8-storey building was allotted to the bookstore while the second floor will house the cafeteria.  The third floor will be a general-purpose assembly hall, which Dr. Rivera said, would be perfect for Christian organizations’ events or gatherings.  “Given the usual number of those who meet, the hall can seat up to 315 people,” he explained.
The fourth and fifth floors will house the planned Bible Adventure museum.  Dr. Rivera also said that after the completion of the building, the museum would probably be the organization’s next thrust.
Meanwhile, the next three floors would be alloted for the various PBS offices, while two two-bedroom residential units for visitors and guests would be constructed on the ninth floor. There would also be three prayer rooms on the same floor.