Philippine Bible Society

Top Philippine government official commends PBS Scripture

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Bayani F. Fernando, Chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority, wrote the Philippine Bible Society commending the newly released portion, Huli Ka! which he deems “relevant and timely” and “a fine piece of work.”

“With biblical guidelines that cater to drivers’ spiritual nourishment and valuable information that help them to become better motorists, this reading material indeed has a winning combination,” said Chairman Fernando.

His office, the MMDA, has been the brunt of many criticisms due to the worsening traffic in Metro Manila. Since he assumed office more than a year ago, Mr. Fernando has been devising ways of improving the traffic situation in the metropolis, including setting up a TV program that tackles issues that affect traffic flow. The portion released by PBS, therefore, is a welcome tool, as this “may prove to be most effective and helpful in untangling the knot posed by undisciplined drivers to the metropolitan traffic situation.”

Huli Ka! is one of three PBS-published portions sponsored by Opportunity 21 Program. This booklet contains encouragement from God’s Word for drivers, as well as traffic rules and penalties for violations.