Philippine Bible Society

The Word Gives Hope

Albert Indunan of Kiangan, Ifugao credits the Bible as the source of his hope and shared that his regular reading of God’s Word shifted his perspective on life and changed his attitude and values.
“Things were quite bad back then. My wife and I used to quarrel often. Then she was diagnosed with cancer. I felt so angry and hurt that I stopped attending church altogether. Looking back, I felt that God was trying to draw me back to Him then, but I refused,” the former mayor shared. He added that soon after, things went from bad to worse. He remembers having no peace at the time and feeling that his hope was slipping away.
“Then in May 2011, I found myself with a Bible in hand. I decided to open it and read. And as I was reading God’s Word, I was reminded of my sins and how unworthy I was to stand before the Lord. So I stopped reading momentarily, went on my knees and humbled myself before God. I remember surrendering myself to the Lord that day and trusted his leading,” Albert said.
With his relationship to God restored, Albert resumed his involvement in his parish and was soon elected president of the Basic Ecclesial Community Mission Pastoral Council. God also healed his wife of the cancer that had been ravaging her body.
“Hope has always prevailed because of God’s Word. My approach and understanding of life has enormously changed in my attitude and values. If everybody had a copy of the Bible, people’s attitudes will improve. There will be less negative things and the bond among families in the community will be strengthened. If there is a Bible in every family, respect to God will surely abound,” Albert concluded.