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The Women of Word Riders Philippines Share Their Faith Journeys

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The passionate big bike riders of the Word Riders Philippines (WRP) program are driven by their love for the Word of God. They devote their time, energy, and resources to bring Bibles into the hands of Grade 8 students in rural and poor communities all over the country and yes, they also get energy and inspiration from their wives.

Praise God for the Women of Word Riders Philippines!

Let us pay tribute to these faithful servants of the Lord. Here are four short stories from the women who serve the Lord with the Word Riders:


Mrs. Maya Mosquera, wife to Word Rider Atty. Gerard Mosquera, offers the WRP program as a gift to the Lord for all the blessings He gave to their family. It was her husband that started this initiative in the Philippines and it has become their family ministry. She shares that it is the Bible that made her relationships with her husband stronger. But it did not stop there. Mrs. Maya says, “The Bible made our Christian faith stronger as a family. My children became devoted to Christian living and their prayer life.” Ever since the first Bible ride in Bulacan on June 2015, the WRP program has blessed many lives. Today, the Word Riders and the volunteers have distributed over 10,000 Bibles in more than 20 public high schools all over the country. Mrs. Maya’s consistent Bible reading changed her life. Discovering God’s Word for the first time is what transformed her husband as well.

Together, they serve wholeheartedly as a dynamic duo in the WRP program. Both are living proof that Bible-inspired change leads God’s people to take action.

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Mrs. Bernadette Escobar, wife to Word Rider John Escobar, is in full support of the WRP. In fact, she shares that it was this program that led her to have a deeper relationship with the Lord.
Due to her religious background, Ms. Bernadette was not that familiar with the Bible. But she was motivated to learn more. She then found the time and resources to expand her biblical knowledge.

“I feel like I am growing. There is learning in all aspects. But sharing is the best part. I want to impart to the children what I learned,” Mrs. Bernadette says.

She is very grateful to WRP and the WRP family. When asked about the one thing she looks forward to the most, she says it is the opportunity to share the Word of God even more.


Mrs. Mayet Yara, wife to Word Rider Jon Yara, holds on to the relationships built within the WRP family. She loves the people and enjoys being around them. She says that she feels sad when everyone parts ways, but it only makes her more excited for the next Bible ride. When asked about the Bible’s impact in her life, Mrs. Mayet reveals that she used to be a worrier. This was her life before experiencing Bible-inspired change.

Now, she is extremely dedicated to share God’s Word. “I want [the students] to experience what I felt. I want them to experience the Bible as it makes things in life more bearable.”

Mrs. Mayet also held a very strong opinion on Bible reading. Beyond observing a daily Bible reading practice, it is important to thoroughly read and engage with the Word.

According to Mrs. Mayet, it is not enough to open the Bible and land on a random page. “What we need is true reading. You have to be consistent. Reading is not about getting lucky with what page you open,” she said.

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Mrs. Mary Ann Schuck, wife to Word Rider Eric Schuck, shares the same passion as her husband. She supports WRP because she believes in their advocacy of bringing a Bible into every Filipino home. She notes that the passion and drive of these riders is very contagious.

“It’s our responsibility to share and spread the Word of God,” she says.

Mrs. Mary Ann had her own experience of finding comfort from the Word of God. She revealed that she came from a broken family. But it was only through the Bible where she learned to forgive. She acknowledges that Jesus died for her sins and rose again.

“Jesus selflessly died on the cross for my sins. I can now accept those who sinned against me or those who hurt me,” Mrs. Mary Ann revealed.

She sees the change in herself and her husband as well. Mr. Eric is the head of the household and serves as a good example to their children. Mrs. Mary Ann says, “God is the center of our lives and the Bible made that possible.


Mrs. Mary Ann now has a closer relationship with the Lord. She hangs on to God’s Word and is dependent on the Bible. She shares, “I lean on to His promises. The Bible prepares you for the storm. The Bible opens doors and heals wounds. You will come across verses that really speak to you in chapters of your life. There is always comfort in His Word.”

Praise God for these women who are of genuine faith and true service! May God continue to bless them, their families, and their WRP ministry.




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