Philippine Bible Society

The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) launches the new translation of the New Testament in the Cuyonon language—Matinlong Barita Biblia: Bagong Tipan.

The event coincides with the 400th anniversary of the first reading of the Scriptures in the province of
Palawan, when Ezekiel Moreno, a Spanish Missionary, officiated the first Mass.

Matinlong Barita Biblia: Bagong Tipan provides a fresh perspective on the timeless words of the Bible
by capturing the Cuyonon of modern-day speakers, thus making it easier for the people to connect with
the teachings of the Scriptures.

While the message of the Bible is unchanging and always relevant, language evolves. This translation
was made in view of this fact and with the goal of retaining the accuracy and integrity of the original
language, while updating the use and nuances of the language to make it more understandable for
contemporary readers, yet still appropriate for liturgical use.

The Philippine Bible Society is proud to offer this translation to Cuyonon readers: church leaders,
religious scholars, academic scholars, and lay people in hopes that it will help strengthen their
understanding of the Word of God and deepen their appreciation of the Cuyonon language. The
translation was the result of years of research, collaboration, and dedication by a team of scholars,
linguists, experts, and committed native speakers who worked to create a text faithful to the original
language and published in the format that people can afford.

For this, we return all the glory to God!

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, March 10, 2023.