Philippine Bible Society

The Old is Gone, the New Has Come

In her “past” life, that is, before she began to regularly read the Bible, 57-year-old grandmother Irene Daet shared that she not only was quick to anger but tended to keep grudges against those who cross her path.
“I am a regular churchgoer, but for some reason, I found it hard to understand the Gospel and our parish priest’s homilies then. I had always felt then that something was missing,” Nanay Irene said.
To fill this void in her heart, she endeavored to read God’s Word regularly and even joined Bible sharing sessions in her parish. “Reading and studying the Word of God led me to a deeper understanding of His Word and has given me a firmer grip on His promises,” she explained.
She added that she knows God’s promises are true and He is true to His promises. “Matthew 6:33 reminds us to concern ourselves with His Kingdom and He will provide what we need. We only need to follow His statutes first then the blessings come,” she furthered.
Indeed, Nanay Irene has been renewed by the power of God’s Word. Her old grumpy self has been replaced by a more patient, generous grandmother who is very sensitive to God’s Word and is committed to following God.
“I’m not perfect. I still get angry sometimes but these are few and far in between. And when it happens, it is as if God speaks to me to go after the person I had a spat with and make peace. My old self wouldn’t have cared for the other person, but now, by God’s grace, He continues to change me,” she said.