Philippine Bible Society

The Greatest Superhero Ever

Superman.  Batman.  Captain Barbell.  Super Inggo.  Who does not want to be like them?  They are stronger, faster, wiser, and more powerful than “regular” people! There is a superhero for almost everything in this world — spiders, water, fire, aliens, robots, forests, the rich, or the poor.  You name it, there’s probably a superhero for it!
Children everywhere admire superheroes because of the selfless love and self-sacrifice they demonstrate. They “protect the innocent” and “bring justice to all.”  It’s no wonder that children imitate these superheroes in so many ways.
However, there is One who is greater than any superhero ever imagined or created.  Not only is He the greatest “superhero” of all time, He is real and He walked the Earth long, long ago.  His name is Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ as the ultimate superhero is the highlight of the newest tract published by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS).  This tract is the reply of PBS to the growing popularity of superheroes among the young.
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