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The God who Hears and Answers

MTBO Feature: The God who Hears and Answers

A testimony by Laura Valledo of Bulacan

December 13, 2017

I can count by years how much the Lord has been faithful to me. But oh, He has blessed me not just with years of physical health but also fullness of life!

I first heard about God through a missionary who started a Bible study in our barangay. I heard him say, “God loves us.” I could not believe it at all. I started being skeptical, even angry! I mean, how can a loving God allow people to starve and suffer?

I persisted with all these doubts and lived as a strong-willed child. Even if my parents forced me to attend Sunday school, I still rebelled. In my defiance, I started reading the Bible so I could debate against my Sunday school teacher. I caused menace to everyone. I kept questioning God and even challenged Him, “If You are real, answer me.”

Day after day I kept reading the Bible to prove Him false. Until one day, I’ve read that any good behavior and religious rituals are filthy rags in His sight if I didn’t really know Him. That struck me! His words finally became clear. God, who I thought was not there, heard me and answered me clearly.

And so at 10 years old I gave my life to Him. More accurately, I found my life in Him. The beautiful verse John 20:31 resounds in me: “But these have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through your faith in him you may have life.”

Daily, I found myself thirsty for God’s Word and so I read it. Gradually, I saw that God was changing my attitude and priorities. Instead of wasting time, I would go to church where I could read the Bible and serve in some way. My parents and siblings also saw the change in me and they were astonished. I became a totally different person.

The Lord changed me from the inside out. I used to think that my life was worthless and it didn’t matter what happened to me. But because God taught me that I am His child, I started living better with direction and a deeper purpose. By His grace, my family also found their way to God and later dedicated their lives to Him.

The Lord also enabled me to serve in the child evangelism ministry of our church. I saw many young lives touched by God’s Word. The kids I used to teach are now the ones serving in church!

And finally, 15 years ago, God brought me to my current job, where I see hundreds of Bibles being printed on a daily basis. I’m still here today serving in the Bible ministry and what a privilege it is!

I continue to trust God because I see His mighty hand in all my circumstances. I learn from Him daily in His Word and He never fails to show Himself faithful. The Lord is truly kind, loving, and wise.

I echo Jacob in his prayer to God that in whatever season, I am sure of who He is: “I am not worth all the kindness and faithfulness that you have shown me, your servant.” (Genesis 32:10)

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