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The Gambler ‘Folds’ to God

aarañasAnaliza Arañas was a gambler. She said that at a very young age of three, she was introduced to various numbers games by her own mother. Her very young mind was fascinated at the concept of the possibility of getting rich just by getting the right number combination. Before long she was hooked on the gambling sport of jai alai. It became so bad that she also served as an usher at the gambling den.
A few years back, she was invited by a friend to attend a town fiesta. It was there that she learned that her friend was being influenced by an evil spirit. “My friend said that it seemed like there was someone constantly telling her to keep betting on a particular number while she was still alive. Now, this really scared me,” Analiza shared.
But now, Analiza has made a complete 180-degree turn away from gambling. “Ever since I began reading the Bible regularly, I learned a lot of things. One of these is that God is not pleased with gambling,” she shared.
“As I continued my daily reading, I felt God telling me that if I were to really serve Him, I should quit gambling. So I did,” Analiza explained.
“I am very grateful to our Lord for reaching out to me through His Word. He has transformed me from a risk taker to someone who has surrendered. I surrender myself to Him and I promise not to gamble ever again,” Analiza said.