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Tagalog-Korean Diglot Bible Launched

The first ever dual language Bible pairing the Magandang Balita Biblia translation with the New Korean Revised Version is now here! This Tagalog-Korean Diglot Bible, produced by the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) in partnership with the Korean Global Missions Society (KGMS) and the Korean Bible Society, was recently launched and celebrated with a dedication event at the Eunkwang Presbyterian Church in Quezon City. The event was attended by PBS General Secretary Nora Lucero and PBS Associate General Secretary Perry Cartera, together with representatives from other Korean churches.
This diglot Bible has been produced in response to the need raised by Korean and Filipino Christians in the 2011 Manila Forum. This will help them capture the meaning of Scripture passages both in the Korean and Tagalog languages. Bilingual Bible teachers, missionaries, pastors, and lay people who are ministering to both Koreans and Filipinos will find it an effective and valuable resource. The Tagalog-Korean Diglot Bible would likewise be useful not only for Koreans here in the Philippines but also for Filipinos living in Korea.
“We praise God for His faithfulness as we launch this Tagalog-Korean Diglot Bible. This celebration of God’s Living Word with both our Korean and Filipino brothers and sisters is a testament of the Lord’s goodness. Together, as we read the Bible, we get to know God in a deeper way and He enables us to love Him and walk in His ways,” says PBS General Secretary Nora Lucero.
The Tagalog-Korean Diglot Bible also contains helpful reference tools, maps, and a daily Bible reading guide.