Philippine Bible Society


Some 37 pastors and leaders from different churches attended the Bible Relevance in Modern Times Seminar  (BRIMS) on June 25 and learned “How to Read the Greek Alphabets” under the tutelage of Bishop Daniel Arichea, Jr., PBS Translation Consultant.
Conducted at the 3rd floor of PBS ministry facility, the seminar was organized by the Marketing Department headed by Mrs. Perry Cartera, as a way to serve the churches and equip its workers. The lecture/workshop had two sections: “Greek Alphabets” and “How to use the Greek-Tagalog Interlinear Gospel of Mark,” and culminated in the participants having a fun time writing their names in Greek script.  All went home happy equipped with  new knowledge and new scripture materials which include a copy of the Greek-Tagalog Interlinear Gospel of Mark, an E-Bible and a Bible Primer.