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Service with a Smile: PBS Receives Award at UBS Global Roundtable Exchange Meeting

Philippine Bible Society Certificate of Servant leadership

We thank God for another praiseworthy milestone!

The Lord was unwavering in keeping two of His faithful servants safe and strong throughout their entire experience at the United Bible Societies (UBS) Global Roundtable Exchange Meeting in Athens, Greece from June 10-21, 2019. Dr. Nora G. Lucero (PBS General Secretary) and Mrs. Perry Z. Cartera (PBS Associate General Secretary–representing Micronesia Partnerships) bravely faced the long journey and travelled 9,627 kilometers from Manila to Athens.

This particular UBS gathering brought together over 200 leaders and representatives from 100 Bible Societies all over the world. Formal matters related to leadership were discussed.

Toward the end of this meeting, UBS recognized 10 Bible Societies for “providing mentoring to others in the United Bible Societies Fellowship.” We are delighted to share that PBS was a recipient of the Recognition of Steward Leadership certificate. What a privilege it is to stand alongside the other Bible Societies who received the same recognition!

Dr. Lucero shared, “All these happened because of God’s grace and blessing to PBS. I also pay tribute to the PBS team for serving others wholeheartedly and well.”

We wanted to take this opportunity to share our joy with you—our PBS members, supporters, and friends. This simple award acts as a reminder of the value we place on service. We want to glorify the Lord in all that we do.

While your PBS family continues, we call upon you to keep us in your prayers always. May we be filled with the Holy Spirit, so we can charge forward with even more dedication, desire for service, and love for God and His people than when we started.