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Roving Bible Museum (RBM) Roams the Metro


Roving Bible Museum in Sta. Cruz Parish

Various organizations and institutions celebrated with us during the National Bible Week last January 19 -25, 2015 through the PBS’s Roving Bible Museum (RBM).
The first RBM tour was at Sta. Cruz Parish in  Manila last January 15-17, 2015. The Bible exhibition included some of the oldest Bibles and various Scripture materials that are currently available in our collection.  Also forming part of the exhibit was a brief history of how the Bible came to us, the “Bayani Rin Sila” series, scents of the Bible, Hebrew writing, among others. The exhibit was open to the parishioners and visitors of the parish and was supported with the seminar on basic apologetics that was conducted by their Parish Priest.
The next stop for the RBM was the Headquarters of the Landbank of the Philippines in Manila. The exhibit, which was on display from January 20-23, 2015 featured the Kings of the Bible, Old and New Scripture materials, among others. Employees of the government financial institution also participated in the Handwritten Unity Bible Project that was also conducted during the Roving Bible Museum tour.

Pre-school students from Harris Memorial College posed with their teachers after their RBM visit.

The third and last exhibit during the NBW celebration was at Harris Memorial College in Taytay, Rizal last January 22-23, 2015. In this leg of the RBM Tour, the RBM featured modules, Bible Exhibit, and materials that catered to different learning stylesand captured the interest of visitors, particularly children.
For visual learners, the RBM featured some of the oldest Bibles and other Scripture materials that are currently available from our vast collection. They also enjoyed the history of how the Bible came to us, the “Bayani rin sila” series, and our Women of the Bible module.
For Auditory learners, the RBM featured the Faith Comes By Hearing Proclaimers, where students were able to hear God’s Word.
Lastly, for kinesthetic learners, the exhibit featured different scents from the Bible times that are contained in little jars, such as cinnamon, fennel, cloves, frankincense, among others. The RBM also featured rubber stamps of Hebrew letters, Bibles from different countries and in various languages for the students to actually touch, examine, and compare.