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Rev. Fr. Angelo “Jing” Caparros of Quezon

Despite the absence of super powers, Fr. Jing Caparros is still able to accomplish amazing things. By God’s grace, he shared His Word to the different parishes under the Dioceses of Gumaca in the province of Quezon.
Superman, Batman or Thor are heroes with super power only in the big screen. In real life, meet a man who has no super power but is able to do great task and amazing things by bringing and sharing God’s Word in the Diocese of Gumaca. Diocesan Biblical Apostolate Director Rev. Fr. Angelo “Jing” Caparros is responsible for the distribution of more than 14,000 copies of the May They Be One (MTBO) to all the 28 parishes of the diocese.
Fr. Jing is passionate about sharing the Bible in his place. Inspired by the Most Rev. Buenaventura Famadico, D.D. to make God’s Word central to all their work in the diocese, he assumed the leadership of the Biblical Apostolate.

Now we can see the results of his endeavor. God’s Word has become available to many, and has reached more homes easier and faster. With the MTBO Bible, they were able to strengthen their Munting Sambahayang Kristiyano (MSK), a small group for Christian believers who come together to study and many other similar activities. “The Bible is now in their hands and homes,” Fr. Jing said.

The interest of his parishioners in the town of Mulanay to read and study God’s Word continues to grow. They are now requesting help in Bible Studies, and even a national Bible workshop or any seminar that can help them grow a deeper love and devotion to the Bible.

“By God’s Grace and through His Word, the MSK’s, our parish and our Diocese continue to grow. I would not be surprised if what we do can influence other parishes and dioceses in our area to bring God’s Word in their homes, too,” he said.

Please continue to pray and support the MTBO Bible Campaign, so that many clergy like Fr. Jing will have an access to distribute the MTBO Bibles so that many parishioners will receive God’s Word for a God-filled changed life for a transformed Philippines.