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Reassured by Christ’s Love and Compassion

Edna Liaban, a 59-year old housewife in Palanan, Isabela, acknowledged that she lived a life with many questions and doubts. One of her most honest and serious questions to date is this: Where is God in my life?

At just the right season in her life, Edna attended a gathering where several people were listening to an audio recording of the New Testament. Later on, she would come to know this gathering by its more formal name, a “Bible Listening Group.”

Together, they heard the story about the ten lepers who were healed after reaching out to Jesus and the single leper who came back to thank Him. Edna connected her list of big life questions to this story and she felt incredibly moved. She shared, “I felt the Lord’s compassion on those ten. Deep inside me was a longing for God and now I thank Him because He healed me of my doubts.”

Her Bible Listening Group remains a safe venue where her questions won’t be judged and misunderstood. In fact, through these gatherings, Edna affirms that her BLG is a space where these questions are answered. She admitted, “I still have questions but when in doubt, I just recall the stories we hear from the Proclaimer about how the Lord answers those who call on His name.”

How amazing it is that we have an ever present and never absent Heavenly Father. Thank You, Lord!

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