Philippine Bible Society

“Re-Tired” Catechist puts on new tire

For retiree Raquel Arenal, the Bible meant a new life and new adventures with the Lord.

At 65 years old, catechist Raquel Arenal grew deeper in her faith after receiving her copy of the Bible through the MTBO Bible Campaign.

“My faith in God grew stronger and I came to know Him deeper as I got to read His Word daily. Her daily reading helps her connect with God. “As a Catechist, I have to prepare and know what I will share, teach or what I am have to do.” Raquel also said that she also uses the Bible in their Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) as they study God’s Word and share their personal encounters with it. She encouraged her neighbors to have their own copies of the Bible, which have already as it has been made more affordable under the Bible Campaign.

Let’s continue to pray and support the MTBO Bible Campaign so that the likes of Raquel will continue on and be motivated to share God’s love and hope and touch people’s lives for a transformed life for a transformed Philippines.