Philippine Bible Society

Putting the Flock First: Wise Words from BRIMS Speaker Pastor Mel Cartera

Set of BRIMS modules taught by Pastor Mel Cartera:

Module 1 | Introduction to Interpreting the Bible According to Context Module 2 | Interpreting Epistles, Gospels, and Parables
Module 3 | Interpreting Prophetic Literature, Narratives, and Wisdom Literature Module 4 | Interpreting Apocalyptic Literature
Module 5 | Connecting the Old and the New Testaments Together

Q: What motivates you to continue teaching Bible Relevance in Modern Times Seminars?
A: My love for the church, the body of Christ. I am always moved and touched when people come to me after the seminars and thank me, then tell me that they have learned a lot, and that their perspectives have changed. That means that, by God’s grace, the way that they “feed” their own flocks will be positively affected. That’s how Perry always encourages me: that the seminars affect not just the individuals who attend but the people whom they feed, lead, mentor, and pastor. And that is also what makes me very careful and afraid of making mistakes: the ripple effect of what I share. But the positive responses have been very encouraging indeed. One time I even received feedback that a pastor and his teacher friends decided to enroll in a Bible school because they were inspired by a seminar I presented. Thanks be to God for using these seminars to minister to His ministers and their flock!

With the different BRIMS modules being so jam-packed with comprehensive Bible lessons and deep biblical insights, we are grateful to the Lord for allowing us to work with credible and noteworthy Bible scholars. They are members of our PBS family now and forever, and we would like to thank them for their commitment to making the Bible known. Alongside Pastor Mel are fellow Bible scholars such as Dr. Daniel Arichea, Dr. Annie Del Corro, Dr. Edgar Ebojo, Pastor Noli Mendoza, Dr. Rhoneil Arevalo, and more!

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