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Proceed with Passion in Proclaiming God’s Word

Proceed with Passion in Proclaiming God’s Word: PBS hosts i-Proclaim Activity at Plaza Rueda
January 22-24, 2019

The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) brought even more life and excitement to the already busy Plaza Rueda–which is a public square that can be found in the corner intersection of Taft Avenue and United Nations Avenue, Manila–for National Bible Month 2019.

PBS Events Coordinator, Mr. Bryan Anastacio, prepared the venue for a three-day i-Proclaim activity from January 22-24, 2019.

The i-Proclaim is essentially a public reading of the Bible. Aside from PBS staff, more than a hundred people officially registered to read the Word of God out loud on stage.

There were also different performers throughout the three days. We had Don Entico–worship leader and singer–grace the stage on Day 1. The Partakers Band filled the air with their angelic voices on Day 2. Finally, we had the dance crew known as Dive Fam on Day 3 to fill Plaza Rueda with their high energy and catchy moves.

Our hearts are thankful for the generosity of our i-Proclaim activity sponsor–Glorious Blend. PBS is very grateful for their support in helping our event become sustainable and possible. May the Lord continue to bless Glorious Blend in all of its future endeavors.

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