Philippine Bible Society

Philippine Bible Society Joins Call2all Filipino Summit


Dr. Nora Lucero speaking on “Loving God’s Word” at Central Kona Union Church

Earlier in August, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) held the Call2All Kona Summit at the University of the Nations Campus in Kona, Hawaii. With the desire to establish an effective partnership with the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) in expanding the reach of the Scripture ministry in the Philippines, YWAM invited Dr. Nora G. Lucero, General Secretary of PBS, as one of the presenters on “Bible Distribution in the Philippines”.
The Call2All Kona Summit is a worldwide movement that calls on church leaders and organizations to gather and join together to fulfil the Great Commission. This year, Call2All gathered Filipino leaders to focus on addressing Bible poverty through the unity among church leaders in the Philippines. The Summit was a time of fellowship with other leaders who can partner with PBS in bringing God’s Word to more Filipino families.

Rheo Loseo, YWAM Asia Regional Director

She also spoke on “Loving God’s Word” during the worship service at the Central Kona Union Church through the invitation of Mr. Rheo Loseo, YWAM Asia Regional Director, connecting the message with the PBS ministry, particularly the May They Be One (MTBO) Bible Campaign.
While the Summit proved to be a fruitful experience, Dr. Lucero also remembered the preceding events en route to Kona, Hawaii. A delayed flight and an opportunity to encourage, minister to and pray for a Fijian Polynesian taxi driver were all divine appointments that showed God’s heart in using His people to spread the Word to the world.