Philippine Bible Society

PBS Welcomes a New Doctor for the Bible Cause

IMG_1324The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) is blessed to have yet another expert in its roster of certified Bible scholars.
Rev. Edgar Ebojo, who went on study leave in 2009, has completed his doctoral studies at the University of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, under the supervision of renowned ancient manuscripts expert Professor David C. Parker.
Armed with his hard-earned degree, Dr. Ebojo returns to the country with his wife Irene and son Dayao, to re-assume his post as Translations Department Manager of PBS. He hopes also to contribute in advancing the cause of Scripture translation in the country.
Preserving the Word of God through faithful translation, efficient distribution, and Scripture engagement, are the values that steer PBS towards the vision of a Philippines transformed by God’s Word.
Long fascinated by the mysteries behind the production of ancient biblical manuscripts and how they were transmitted, Pastor Egay, as Dr. Ebojo is fondly called, profiled the characteristics and behavior of the different people who were involved in the production of Papyrus 46 (P46)-the oldest surviving (c. A.D. 200) and most extensive manuscript witnessing to the Letters of Saint Paul.
IMG_1377Seeking to decipher not only what was written but also how and where the text was written, Dr. Ebojo’s study also looked into the scribes who are the functional equivalent of modern-day typesetters-proofreaders and copy editors. These unnamed individuals contributed immensely in the preservation of God’s Word through the ages.
Dr. Ebojo’s doctoral study was made possible under the PBS staff development program and was jointly funded by PBS, the Bible Society of Singapore, UBS, and the Langham Partnerships.
Asked about the greatest lesson he learned in his academic journey, he proclaims, “By His grace, for His glory!”