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PBS Staff Undergo Training in the Art of Trauma Healing

PBS Staff Undergo Training in the Art of Trauma Healing

March 6, 2019

Dealing with our past experiences that brought us grief, hurt, and loss can be very challenging. Sometimes we may not know how to deal with the pain that we feel in our hearts. But we praise God for He gives us opportunities to heal, to flourish, and to find a new and victorious life in Him again through the Trauma Healing Program (THP) of the Philippine Bible Society (PBS).

When our very own THP Master Facilitator-in-Training—Perry Cartera—introduced the idea of holding a training session for the program exclusively for PBS staff, we were able to round up an enthusiastic set of volunteers.

Those who signed up for the Initial Equipping on Trauma Healing were the following: Vilma Salvio, Ces Rubio, Vicky Franco, Ceanne Caluya, Jeff Gallebo, Charity Faith Rulloda, and Edgar Arvin Perez.

The sessions were conducted at the PBS Ministry Center in UN Avenue, Manila on the following dates this year: January 28, January 29, January 31, and February 1. In order to complete the 5 core lessons, the training lasted for a total of 20 hours.

The goal of this training program is to equip PBS leaders to be able to facilitate future trauma healing sessions. We wanted the participants to learn how to process their own pains and be ready to facilitate group healing sessions for their churches.

One of the participants, Ceanne Caluya, shared her realizations: Personally, it helped me address minor heart wounds that I had. Originally, I didn’t know they were there. I realized that I should treat emotional wounds as important as physical wounds. After the training, I prayed to the Lord for Him to open doors for me to minister to people who are hurting. Outside office, I would recommend the Trauma Healing Program to the church leaders and pastors. This is a good platform for churches to be equipped to be used by God in the ministry of caring for others who are hurting.

Graduation from this 20-hour training was on February 1, 2019 (Friday) at the PBS Ministry Center. Those who passed the training will be certified as Apprentice Facilitators of Trauma Healing. Should they want to help further, they can go to the next level by passing the Advanced equipping. They need to lead at least 2 group healing sessions to qualify to attend the next level of training.

But wait, there’s still more to come! The next training open for PBS staff will be on July 10-12, 2019. Three full days of training will be offered to interested PBS Care group leaders and PBS Supervisors.

May more people come to know about the powerful healing hand of God through the Trauma Healing Program of the Philippine Bible Society. We also pray for more pro-active and passionate leaders who want to step up and make a change in the ministry of healing hearts and restoring lives.