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PBS Shared the Message of God’s Word

In partnership with Samaritan’s Purse-Operation Christmas Child, PBS shared the message of God’s Word, touching the hearts of children and parents on August 7, 2023, at Bahay Aruga in Ermita, Manila. Bahay Aruga, a halfway house for pediatric cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), became a place of hope as the Word of God moved in the lives of everyone upon hearing it.

PBS General Secretary, Mrs. Victoria Esperanza Z. Cartera or “Ate Perry” as she is fondly called, was the speaker for the activity. She herself is currently battling cancer. As she identified with the young warriors at Bahay Aruga, her testimony and unwavering spirit imparted hope and inspiration to all who were present.
“May natutunan po ako sa sinabi niya (Ate Perry), na mabubuhay po ulit tayo kapag namatay tayo,” said Alissa, a courageous 17-year-old patient. God’s promises in the Bible that she heard on that unforgettable day gave her a newfound sense of encouragement as she faces cancer at a young age.

The struggle against cancer is even more heartbreaking for the parents of the children at Bahay Aruga. “Ang aking anak ay hindi po kayang operahan ng doctor, dahil nasa pulse (medulla oblongata or center of the brain) po kasi tumubo ang tumor. Kaya po [naniniwala ako na] walang imposible sa Diyos—na Siya po ang magpapagaling ng aking anak,” shared Rowena, a parent of a child battling a brain tumor. “Ako po ay nagpapasalamat sa inyo at kayo ay nagpunta dito at nagbigay sa amin ng tulong at Salita ng Diyos para [tumibay ang loob namin].”

The Word of God truly brought comfort and reassurance that day!

You, too, can bring hope to more people like Alissa and Rowena. Join us in our ministry of making the Bible known and witness the strengthening power of God’s Word.

Patients at Bahay Aruga have an up-close interaction with PBS General Secretary Perry Cartera. In the picture, “Ate Perry” is letting the children touch her balding scalp. Hair loss is common among cancer patients as a side effect of their treatment.

God’s Word holds hope not only for cancer patients but for their parents as well, giving much-needed strength for the battle ahead of them.

Ate Perry sharing the Word of God with the children and parents at Bahay Aruga

Patients at Bahay Aruga received a gift-filled shoebox from Samaritan’s Purse and a copy of the New Testament: Pinoy Version from PBS.

Ate Perry exchanging stories with the children of Bahay Aruga.