Philippine Bible Society

PBS, PCLI hold 1st Annual Joint Fellowship

For 28 years, the Philippine Christian Bookstore (PCBS) of Philippine Christian Literature (PCLI), Inc. has been one of the vital and major partners of the Philippine Bible Society in distributing Scriptures throughout the country. In grateful acknowledgement of and to strengthen this partnership, PBS spearheaded a fellowship attended by 57 managers from 50 PCBS branches in the country.

The fellowship also provided an avenue for the PBS to reacquaint partners about the Bible Society’s ministry and its new Scripture products – the POIMEN Bible and Magandang Balita Biblia – Good News Diglot Bible. As frontliners in Scripture distribution, the PCBS guests were also given a run-through of the translation processes. Common questions asked in Christian bookstores such as: “Do you have the King James Version or NIV in Tagalog?” or “Why are these translations different from each other?” were addressed giving the PCBS bookstore staff an idea how to answer them.
The fellowship was such a success that plans are already being made to make it an annual affair.

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