Philippine Bible Society

PBS Launches New Scripture Materials

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The Philippine Bible Society launched two new additions to its extensive line of Scripture products in a simple ceremony at the PBS Ministry Facility in UN Avenue, Manila.
Marketing Manager Perry Cartera presented the Forbidden Book: Ang Ipinagbabawal na Aklat and the English Standard Version-Good News Translation Parallel Bible to almost 120 institutional partners representing book stores, distributors, churches, schools, and religious organizations.
General Secretary Dr. Nora Lucero recognized Causeway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers and the American Bible Society, publishers of the ESV and GNT Bibles, respectively, and Laura Bonney, author of The Forbidden Book. “These new Scriptural materials are the result of our partnership,” she said.
The ESV-GNT Parallel Bible is the first of its kind. In this edition, the readers are afforded the opportunity to read the Bible in its original “form” (English Standard Version) and to understand what it “means” (Good News Translation) for today’s readers. PBS offers this Parallel Bible to anyone who is interested in the serious study of the Scriptures.
The Forbidden Book recounts how the Bible, once a “banned book” in the Philippines, came to the country and how Bible lovers overcame the challenges encountered in distributing the all-time best-selling book in the country.
Praise God that there is freedom now in the Philippines to distribute the Bible, which PBS does in cooperation with churches, organizations, and individuals.