Philippine Bible Society

PBS Joined the 2024 Asia-Pacific Fellowship Gathering

The Asia Pacific Fellowship Gathering, hosted by the Bible Society Australia (BSA), brought together general secretaries from Asia Pacific Bible Societies, Global Mission Team support staff, and local BSA staff for a three-day event in Sydney, Australia on May 1-3. The gathering aimed to promote collaboration and encouragement among the attendees, who shared updates on their respective Bible Societies’ achievements and future plans.

The presentations showcased initiatives and literacy programs across the region, including the Japan Bible Society’s revised interconfessional Bible (Japan New Interconfessional Version), blessed by Pope Francis; and literacy projects in Papua New Guinea. The attendees were inspired by different ways God’s Word is being spread and literacy promoted in the region, with 13 active projects running across 11 Bible Societies.

One of the highlights of the gathering was an interactive discussion on the relevance of World Assembly Statement priorities to the Asia-Pacific context. The topics covered included integrated Bible ministry, Bible translation roadmaps, literacy in Bible ministry, and creation care. Philippine Bible Society’s General Secretary, Ms. Victoria Esperanza “Perry” Cartera, shared PBS’s initiatives on creation care, including a workshop that took place during the Philippines’ National Bible Month celebration in January 2024.

The event concluded with a discussion on prioritizing elements ahead of the 2025 Asia-Pacific Fellowship Gathering. Attendees agreed that more time should be allocated for general secretaries to meet and discuss collaboration and matters of interest between Bible Societies. The event showed the importance of unity among the organizations in reaching more people with God’s Word.

We look forward to seeing the results of these collaborations and gatherings of how God will work through each Bible Society to encourage and assist one another’s initiatives and goals in order to grow the Bible ministry around the Asia-Pacific.