Philippine Bible Society

PBS Distributes Bibles to Philippine Justices

Amid the many critisicms towards the government and our justice system, we believe that true and lasting change can only come from both our individual committment and united effort to contribute in making our society a righteous and just community. With our vision, we believe that this transformation can only come into reality if  we adhere to a moral standard that is not our own but God-given. That is why in celebration of the National Bible Week 2011 last January and through the partnership of the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church, PBS distributed God’s Word in the Office of the Ombudsman and the Supreme Court. Amongst those that received a copy of the Scriptures were Ombudsman Merciditas Guttierez and Chief Justice Renato Corona. During the week, PBS distributed around 30 Bibles in the two offices. An opportunity also arose to distribute Bibles in the Court of Appeals last March 1, 2011 and around 60 Bibles were received by the staff and justices in the government office. In all three sectors, the Bibles were well received and appreciated.With the gifts is our prayer that that God will give our leaders much wisdom as they dispense justice guided by the statutes of the Scriptures, knowing that “…the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.” (Psalm 19:9)

LBBC Senior Pastor Bp. Reuben Abante and PBS Marketing Manager Perry Cartera hand a Bible to a CA Justice