Philippine Bible Society

PBS Commemorates the UBS World Day of Prayer

In solidarity with the global fellowship of Bible Societies, Philippine Bible Society marked the 200th year of formal Bible work worldwide in prayer in the United Bible Societies’ (UBS) World Day of Prayer (WDP). From the start to the end of the business day of May 7, 2004, a continuous chain of prayer was held within as well as from without the halls of the Philippine Bible Society ministry facilities. This was complemented by a tangible expression of Scripture distribution at several times during the day.

Heeding the call to celebrate the World Day of Prayer, the Bible Society likewise passed on the opportunity to pray for Scripture ministries locally and worldwide to over 100 partner churches and organizations, including the home churches of its staff members, church leaders, donors, and churches in the community. A special WDP prayer guide was produced and distributed to these churches and organizations to enable them to pray specifically for PBS and UBS Scripture programs and ministry needs.

This year staff were encouraged to spend one to two of their fifteen-minute coffee breaks during the day in prayer instead. Forty six staff signed up to use the new prayer rooms inaugurated in last year’s celebration of the WDP. All in all, an unending chain of prayer was sustained from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, praying for Bible work across the globe.

The weekly PBS Staff chapel was moved to Friday, May 7 to focus on the global celebration, with prayers being offered for local, regional, and global PBS and UBS concerns. Ministers from nearby congregations were also invited to participate in the special chapel, with three workers from two churches attending.

A special presentation featured the beginnings of the UBS fellowship and an emphasis on the life and impact of Mary Jones, who was instrumental in the formation of the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS). The BFBS formation marked the beginning of formal Bible Work globally while the formation of the United Bible Societies on May 9, 1946 is remembered by the world fellowship through the World Day of Prayer held yearly by 136 Bible Societies in over 200 countries and territories.