Philippine Bible Society

PBS Celebrates its 112th Year Anniversary

The guests and some of the PBS staff pose for a group photo after the celebration.

PBS (Philippine Bible Society) celebrates its 112th anniversary last November 19 with a Thanksgiving Service and a Handwritten Unity Bible activity.
Former Chief Justice Reynato Puno, who is a PBS board member, addressed the crowd with his testimony of faith and unwavering commitment to God despite of the numerous trials he went through in his personal and professional life. The former chief justice shares a moving testimony of a difficult time in his family’s life when his brother was brutally assassinated. Puno relates that despite of this traumatic experience, he and his family never lost faith in God.
As his message preludes the National Bible Week celebration next year which carries the theme “Pagpapahayag ng Salita ng Diyos Tungo sa Pagbabago” (Proclaiming God’s Word Towards National Transformation), it is only fitting that his message addresses the pervasive corruption in our society and how God’s Word can bring about a much-needed change. Puno notes that in his profession as a judge, he experienced a lot of temptations that tested him as a Christian. His line of work exposed him to various forms of corruption, which he could’ve easily fallen into, given his power and influence. Thankfully, his strong commitment to the Lord enabled him to surpass all those making him a true man of God and integrity.
The thanksgiving service was followed by the oath-taking of the new members and a ministry fair as well as a Handwritten Unity Bible activity where the guests finally get the chance to become modern-day scribes by writing verses from the Bible by hand.