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PBS cares for K4

K4 what?

It’s not a new boy band or a new game show on TV, and especially not a new group of crime-fighting canines.

K4 – the Kilusang Pananalangin para sa Apat na Executives ng Bansa – is a movement committed to pray, four times a day, for the four main executives of the country, namely: the President, Governor, Mayor and Barangay Chairman. This movement seeks to involve all Filipinos who will commit to pray for the four executives’ kalusugan (good health), kaligtasan (safety), karunungan (wisdom), and katuwiran (righteousness).
In partnership with this endeavor, PBS produced 500,000 copies of Scripture selection about prayer. Copies were distributed during the launching program.

An institution of prayer

On September 10, 2002, the K4 movement was launched at the Café Valenzuela in Guiginto, Bulacan, an event attended by no less than President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Bulacan Governor Josie dela Cruz.
In her message delivered before a crowd of 2,000, President Arroyo expressed gratitude to the K4 advocates led by Rev. Jonel Milan, President of Holistic Mission Ministries and Senior Pastor of Jesus Hope of Glory.

“My morning prayer goes: ‘Heavenly Father, I give my whole day out of love for your Son Jesus Christ,'” President Arroyo disclosed. “And whenever I pray in the morning before I attend to my duties, I am pleased to know that I will be joined by an institution of prayer,” she added.

From the Word

This ‘institution of prayer’ is actually a practical application of 1 Timothy 2:2-4.
“The Lord impressed this in my heart while I was praying last April 18, 2002,” said Rev. Milan. And as an obedient follower of the Word, he persevered, along with his minister-friends, to have this movement shared with all Christians in the country.
“This is our counter-action against criticism and cynicism,” he further shared. For a government to thrive under the constant barrage of criticism, the Philippines needs prayer.

A simple but powerful procedure

The K4 movement encourages people to pray for the four executives of the land: the President (and the three other branches of the government, namely, the Vice-President, Senators, Cabinet members and justices) upon waking up in the morning; the Governor in their respective provinces during breakfast; the Mayor of their city/municipality during lunchtime; and Barangay Chairman of their barangay during evening mealtime.
For more information about K4 movement and how to join, please visit their website at: or email

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