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Pain, Passion, Progress: The Journey of a Master Facilitator-in-Training

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Oct. 01, 2018

Several trainings on facilitating trauma healing sessions were conducted in the past few months: April 19-21, 2018 in Cebu, June 25-27, 2018 in General Santos City, and June 29-July 1, 2018 in Davao.


In one of these trips, the Philippine Bible Society’s very own Associate General Secretary Mrs. Perry Cartera was given official certification as Master Facilitator-in-training.


Mrs. Cartera began her service in the Trauma Healing program when she attended the initial equipping session in 2016. At the beginning, there were 28 apprentice facilitators as a result of this very same initial equipping session. Afterwards, they began facilitating group healing sessions of their own. The advanced training session was next. Here, the crossroads begin on whether one chooses the path of a healing group session facilitator or a training facilitator. Mrs. Cartera chose the latter. Both may lead healing group sessions, but on top of that, a training facilitator can also equip and certify others to become apprentice facilitators.


Mrs. Perry Cartera felt mixed emotions upon receiving this latest certification. She experienced joy and excitement because she knows the Lord will use her in this field. But at the same time, she knows that she is dealing with people who are hurting and so she needs to handle the sessions with care. She prays that the Lord will be with her in her continuing service.


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She explains that it is such a privilege to usher people as they start their healing process. Mrs. Cartera believes that the Great Healer will be with them in their journey towards a new beginning.


“The Word of God will bring healing to their wounded hearts,” Mrs. Cartera says. “The Word of God will comfort and guide them.”


Now that Mrs. Cartera is given more responsibility in training up people to facilitate the healing process, she says that it is a great honor.


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To encourage people to be a part of the Trauma Healing program as facilitators, Mrs. Cartera had this to say:


We all go through pain and trauma sometime in our lives. Don’t let that pain stop you from helping other people. Be a wounded healer. You will be amazed how your own pain heals as you listen to others and as you realize that you are not the only one who is hurting. God is in the business of transforming us. Don’t wait for your pain to heal; start the process of healing now and let God use you as a wounded healer.”


Indeed, God is so good. We praise and thank Him for this new milestone in Mrs. Perry Cartera’s life. We pray that many people will be blessed through her service, and may she inspire others to do greater work for the Lord, expanding His Kingdom even more.


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