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Over 1,200 students become new Bible owners in Zambales

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November 9-11, 2017


A typical teenager today may look like Khian, an eighth grader from the town of Palauig, Zambales. Aside from his studies, he spends his time watching movies, playing sports, and listening to his hip-hop jam. He’s timid and aloof but very much active on Facebook.


Other eighth graders like Kyla in the nearby town are also hooked to social media and interactive mobile apps. With the prevalence of electronic gadgets, all their teachers agree that it can be challenging to get their interest unless it has some sort of physical activity.


What more if these students were challenged to read a very old book and use it every day?


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The Word Riders Philippines (WRP), in partnership with the Philippine Bible Society, zoomed into their classrooms and posed that challenge! During their Zambales Ride last November 9 and 10, they distributed Bibles to over 1,200 Grade 8 students in six public high schools in the province, namely: Locloc National High School, Rofulo M. Landa National High School, Bani National High School, Taltal National High School, Pamibian Integrated School, and Lauis National High School.


Clad in their riding gears, the Riders gave out boxes of the Magandang Balita Biblia coupled with an illustrated booklet How Should I Read My Bible? “This will be the most important book you’ll ever read!” was the collective encouragement of the Riders as they also taught the students how to find Bible passages.


Surprisingly, the students were excited to have their own copy of God’s Word!


Khian says, “I watch Superbook on television but I don’t know much about God. I know that I need to learn a lot more. This Bible will help me know God better and deeper.”


Ariane is also convinced and motivated. She says, “I go to church with my mom but she has work on some Sundays. I can now read this Bible when I can’t go to church.”


The students were surely blessed but the Riders were ecstatic too!


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One of the first WRP members since it started in 2015, Eric Schuck still finds himself excited for every ride. He shares, “These kids need someone to talk to them about God. When I was their age, no one taught me how to be intimate with Him. They are blessed! In the group of kids I prayed for, some of them were even tearful. I want more of them to experience this!”


Now on its second year, WRP has already distributed more than 6,000 Bibles to Grade 8 students, covering 19 public high schools across seven provinces in Luzon. They are comprised of motorcycle enthusiasts and volunteers, who also have regular fulltime jobs and mostly hail from Metro Manila.


Given their inspiring record so far, what else can we expect from the Word Riders in the months to come?


For one thing, more volunteers and riders are welcome to join the group. As Rider John Escobar puts it, “This is about touching the lives of the children, helping them establish their relationship with God through His Word. I will advocate that those who are willing to serve and touch other people’s lives in this way are qualified.”


He also adds, “If someone I’ve reached out to has become someone who now reads his or her Bible daily, I believe my mission is accomplished.”


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And with the grateful sentiments of the new Bible owners, their long trip has been worth it. As eighth grade student Jenica shares, “I’m grateful they taught us how to use our new Bibles. I’ve discovered I can read it myself and I’m now keen to read it more often.”


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