Philippine Bible Society


Scripture Engagement & Advocacy

Providing avenues to encounter God in His Word

Our flagship programs serve as anchors for God’s Word to take root in the hearts of people.  We pray for the genuine transformation of our nation as more individuals, families, and communities encounter God through the Bible.


Expanding the reach of God’s Word through distribution efforts

Our teams and ministry partners are driving forces for Scripture offerings to become accessible and readily available to people everywhere.  We remain committed to effectively and meaningfully distribute the Bible in formats that everyone can appreciate and find relevant, and to make the Bible available in prices that all can afford.


Breaking the language barrier through translation into the heart language

God used history and the lives of people to ensure that His Word was communicated, preserved, and faithfully passed down through generations.  Our Bible translation teams strive to make the God’s Word available in languages that people will understand, and in translations that are faithful to the original biblical languages.


Ensuring Scripture quality and affordable Scripture offerings

Armed with a number of competent and committed copyeditors, proofreaders, typesetters, layout artists, creative cover designers, and product developers, we endeavor to create Scripture offerings of the highest quality.  Our own printing facility, established in 2001 under the leadership of Dr. Medarlo B. Rivera, allowed us to be more hands-on in the printing process.

Mission Sustainabaility

Maintaining sustainable partnerships, a well-equipped workforce, and dynamic systems for the expansion of God’s Kingdom

The process of translating, publishing, distributing, and promoting the Scriptures presents us with unique challenges. We make every effort to seek partnerships with other individuals, churches, and organizations, to develop and engage our workforce, and to improve our systems and processes to accomplish our mission of making the Bible known.