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Open to All: Bible Museum Tour Workshop Slots Filled in Less than a Week

The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) conducted an official Bible Museum (BM) Tour Guide Workshop at the 3rd Floor Worship Hall of the PBS Ministry Center in Manila last July 19, 2019 (Friday). It was warmly received online, with slots filling up fast in under a week’s time. The 30 participants who managed to secure slots were formally welcomed by PBS Associate General Secretary Perry Cartera. After giving her opening remarks and brief ministry presentation, she turned the mic over to PBS Translation Consultant Dr. Annie Del Corro.

Dr. Del Corro took the workshop participants on a Bible history journey through a one-hour informative lecture. Eloisa Lee, who collaborates with PBS as a National Bible Month Coordinator, was delighted when the workshop material exceeded her expectations: “I was surprised because this lesson we had is actually one of the subjects we have in Bible school–Bibliology. The [workshop’s lesson plan] was really nice. It was already summarized.” Eloisa also said that she plans on inviting her Bible school students to the museum sometime in the future.

While we wanted people to develop a deeper appreciation for Bible history, we also hosted this workshop to widen our pool of Bible Museum tour guides.

“Maybe the lack of available tour guides is also a struggle for the BM tour team,” noted Charles Cantos, a workshop attendee and former Bible Museum tour guide.

Opening up opportunities for our PBS members and PBS staff to serve as BM tour guides was a good way to address this concern.

Workshop participant Dave Madayag shared, “I was really pleased with the possibility or thought of becoming a [Bible Museum] tour guide. I have a personal advocacy actually. My advocacy is “Gen to Rev.” I promote and encourage all Christians to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. On Facebook, if you search for #GentoRev, you will see that there are many people who have already taken on the challenge–the 90 days challenge. Some were able to do it. But a majority were not able to complete it because the task would require more time, as well as commitment. What is important is that they are committed to reading the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation regardless of how long it will take them. With that kind of passion, I am also interested in the journey of how the Bible came to be, how it came to the Philippines, and how it began to be distributed all over the country.”

Dave Madayag is now 38 years old and has been doing ministry work since he was 18 years old. May we be inspired by people who–with their resources and capabilities–choose to serve the Lord with all their heart.

If you ever book a tour at our Bible Museum and your tour guide happens to be Charles, Dave, or maybe even Eloisa, then we hope that you will give them your biggest smile and your most heartfelt thanks.

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