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New in Christ: An Animist Leader Turned BLG Member

Name: Puyong Mallayo
Age: 72 years old
Area: Banaue, Ifugao
Occupation: Former Chief Animistic Priest Proclaimer language: Amganad

Puyong Mallayo, a native of Ifugao, Mountain Province in northern Luzon, believed in animism. He was pre-occupied with the idea that objects, places, and creatures possess a distinct spiritual essence. Like other Ifugaos, Puyong shared the ethnic tradition and taught many younger pagan priests of the Ifugao rituals. After all, Ifugao means “earth people,” thus, Native Ifugaos were expected to commune with anitos (spirits). Puyong recalls how his fate changed: “Back then, a Bible translator of Amganad used to live in front of my house and some pastors tried their best to convince me to believe in Jesus.” Eventually, the work of the Bible translator and the perseverance of those pastors bore fruit.

For Apo Puyong, his struggle with reading and writing makes life very difficult. Due to his age, he is also not able to attend any gatherings that are far from his home. But today, Puyong has accepted the Lord, thanks to his daughter who attends a Bible Listening Group (BLG) in their area. The group comes together to listen to the Proclaimer in their Amganad language.

He can now hear God’s Word when he is with a group and even when he is alone. The Lord answered Puyong’s prayer to really understand His Word through the Proclaimer in his own native language. Amen!

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