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God’s Word contains a message so beautiful, true, and powerful that it can change the life of anyone who gets to read it. To this day, wherever you are in the world, the Bible remains relevant and timely. And when heeded and obeyed, it can change a nation for the better.

The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) has endeavored to introduce people to the Bible’s transforming power through all means possible. One such means is the celebration of the National Bible Month (NBM) which is currently backed up by incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte’s Presidential Proclamation No. 124.

An excerpt from Presidential Proclamation No. 124:

…it is fitting and proper that national attention be focused on the important role being played by reading and study of the Bible in molding the moral fiber of our society.

Every year since 1982, people from all over the Philippines have been celebrating the importance of the Bible in nation-building. Churches come together through parades, motorcades, and peaceful rallies as they proclaim the yearly themes of the NBM celebration. Sermons and homilies focus on the Bible’s role in changing the people’s lives during National Bible Sunday. People distribute Scripture materials and tracts along the streets and other public places, while others put up streamers and posters to call extra attention to the month’s festivities.

The National Bible Month reminds the Filipino people of the primacy of God’s Word over their lives and decisions. If we want to see true development and lasting change in our lives as a people and as a country, then we need to follow the Word’s statutes and obey its precepts. Truly, what the world needs now is God’s Word–the Bible!

These are just ten of the most basic ways for one to celebrate the National Bible Month (NBM).

But we encourage you to get even more creative!

If you want to know even more about any of these ten suggestions, please feel free to connect with us. 

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