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God’s Word has powerful transforming impact on the national life. In world history, as well as in our own, the Holy Bible is regarded as a powerful book containing timeless principles that when heeded and obeyed can change a nation for the better. And after having tried so many alternative methods in the past, the call for us now is to heed God’s Word, to follow its statutes and obey its precepts if we want to see true development and lasting change in our lives as a people and as a country.

The Philippine Bible Society has endeavored to introduce people to the Bible’s transforming power through all means possible. One such means is the celebration of the National Bible Month backed up by Presidential Proclamation No. 124 declared by incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte last January 5, 2017.

Every year, the nation commemorates and celebrates the importance of the Bible in nation building. Churches have come together through parades, motorcades, and rallies proclaiming the yearly themes of the Bible celebration. Sermons and homilies have focused on the Bible’s role in changing the people’s lives during the National Bible Sunday. Streamers and posters called attention to this significant event, as well as Scriptures that are distributed on the streets and other public places.

History of the National Bible Celebration

President Rodrigo Duterte declared that for every year, the month of January will be National Bible Month, under Proclamation No. 124 signed last January 5, 2017.

This rings true of the need for national transformation. In the words of the proclamation, “it is fitting and proper that national attention be focused on the important role being played by reading and study of the Bible in molding the moral fiber of our society.” Celebrating the Bible reminds the Filipino people of the primacy of God’s Word over their lives and decisions.

This annual event started in 1982 after former President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed Presidential Proclamation No. 2242 declaring a nationwide Bible celebration. President Marcos originally declared the first Sunday of Advent and the last week of November every year as National Bible Sunday and National Bible Week (NBW).

The celebration in January came about during the term of President Corazon C. Aquino who issued Proclamation No. 44 in 1986 which transferred and made official the NBW celebration in the first month of the year. The proclamation was reinforced by President Fidel V. Ramos in Presidential Proclamation No. 1067 which urged that “national attention be focused in the importance of reading and studying the Bible in molding the spiritual, moral, and social fiber of our citizenry.” As more and more people read and study the Bible, the universal truths found in its pages empower them to live with hope and courage in these days of despair and difficulty.

National Bible Presidential Proclamations

Presidential Proclamation 1067 by Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte(Download)

Presidential Proclamation 1067 by Pres. Fidel V. Ramos(Download)

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Presidential Proclamation 2242 by Pres. Ferdinand Marcos(Download)

National Bible Month Endorsements

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National Bible Month Materials

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