Philippine Bible Society

MTBO Testimony: Every need met

FINANCIAL difficulties were a dark and familiar companion of Letty de Mesa and her family. In the first year of her marriage, her husband Arthur lost his job and so the couple had to resort to odd jobs to sustain themselves. Theirs was a hand-to-mouth existence, even when the babies came. To make matters worse, Arthur got into the drinking habit with his buddies. In 2009, Letty received a May They Be One Bible during Bible distribution at her parish, Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Marikina. Getting her own copy of the Bible got Letty into the Bible reading habit. This encouraged the other de Mesa family members to also start reading the Word. Letty‘s husband and children began going to church regularly. God’s Word and church going gave Arthur power to cut off drinking ties with his bud-dies. What the de Mesas learned from the Word, they also shared with their neighbors. As the family gave honor to the Word, God took care of their practical needs. After many years of joblessness, Arthur finally found regular employment. The eldest de Mesa child graduated from college and got a job at a company where he now actively shares God’s Word among officemates. The second child is a working student. The 3rd De Mesa child passed the qualifying exams at the National Police Commission. The 4th child is now in her 4th year in college. God has lifted the de Mesa’s up from the pangs of hunger and deprivation because they have come to know the Lord their Shepherd from His Word. Letty’s favorite passage is found in Psalm 23 which begins with the verse The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need.