Philippine Bible Society

MTBO TESTIMONY: Bread from Heaven

One could hardly believe what Mrs. Nene Garcia’s life was like in the past.  According to the 57-year old teacher, she used to be lazy, uncaring and negligent of her responsibilities. Her main concern was to make sure she had food to eat.  As a school teacher, Nene is known for her own brand of temper – easily flaring up, generous with expletives and throwing things at talkative students.  One time, she was even summoned to the Guidance Counselor’s office for hitting a student.  But Nene gradually became a changed person when she began reading and studying the May They Be One (MTBO) Bible she received during a distribution at her parish, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Marikina under Fr. Emanuele Borelli.  She experienced inner peace, becoming more patient and gentle in her responses and dealings. She eventually became a peacemaker; helping people in conflict reconcile their differences.  Her compassion and concern for others grew.  Far from being her old uncaring character, she now makes time to help wayward people see the need to change and go back to God. Knowing and personally experiencing that God’s Word satisfies an inner hunger that no physical food can fill; she committed herself to spreading His Word to others.
I am the Bread of Life, Jesus told them, those who come to Me will never be hunger; those who believe in Me will never be thirsty.  John 6:35