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What is May They Be One Bible Campaign?


May They Be One Bible Campaign is a nationwide program which aims to put a Bible in every home and encourage Filipinos to read and live the Bible resulting in the transformation of the Philippines.


When does the Bible campaign begin?


May They Be One was launched with a concelebrated Mass at the Manila Cathedral on Sept. 30, 2008. It was an ecumenical service to seek God’s blessing on the campaign and a send-off for the four Bishops, led by PBS President Bishop Arturo M. Bastes, who attended the Synod in Rome. A special May They Be One Bible was dedicated during the service where representatives from various sectors were invited.

How will the campaign work?


The May They Be One Campaign aims to raise sufficient funds within the Philippines and overseas, to enable at least P5m Bibles to be printed and sold at the subsidized price of P50 each. Full production cost of a Bible is P150. About 20% of all Bibles to be printed will be given away free at the discretion of affiliated local parish priest or pastor.


Why undertake such a Campaign?


May They Be One is our response to the prayer of Christ for all His children to ‘be one,’ (John 17:21) since unity is vital for making the Word of God accessible, understandable, respected and lived. It is also a call for oneness in individuals, families, and communities resulting in unity among various sectors in working for national transformation.

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