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Majukayong Rejoice On Completion of NT Translation

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June 8, 2015

The Majukayong community in Natonin, Mountain Province was filled with rejoicing after the New Testament translated into their mother tongue was dedicated to the Lord last May 26, 2015.


The translation work, which began in 2002, was completed by the Summer Institute of Linguistics and the Translators Association of the Philippines, through the support of The Seed Company. The Philippine Bible Society checked the Scripture translation before producing the Majukayong New Testament in its present format.


A Bible Society contingent, composed of General Secretary Dr. Nora Lucero, Publishing Manager Dr. Edgar Ebojo, Production Manager Laura Valledo, Mrs. Ruth Arichea and staff members Herbert Osio, Jr. and Dario Esponilla, travelled almost 500 kilometers to join the celebration.


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In her message, Dr. Lucero praised God for the completed translation and for the people’s warm welcome to it. She also challenged the assembly to “read the Bible daily, especially now that it is in your mother tongue.”


“It is my prayer that you, your families, and your entire community will see, feel, and become the change that the power of God’s Word can bring. This is only possible if you read, study, and meditate on the Bible regularly,” Dr. Lucero said.


Meanwhile, the Rt. Rev. Alexander Wandag, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Santiago, keynoted the simple dedication program. A Majukayong himself, Bishop Wandag said he was “proud of the completed translation, as it featured their people’s cultural identity and distinctiveness.”


The Episcopalian prelate also commended his classmate, Ignacio Magangat, who, along with his wife, Luthgarda, toiled to steer the translation work to its completion. Bishop Wandag also challenged fellow Majukayongs to complete the translation of the Old Testament in the next 20 years.