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Locked Down in Meditation

Bible Study Book by Priscilla Shirer

            Most of us must be at home while reading this, a small contribution to flatten the curve of increasing number of COVID infected people in our country. With the abundant time in our hands, we are in the best position to be “locked down” in prayer and meditation.

            Our prayers to God can now be unhurried, deeper, and more engaging. We now have unlimited time to work out our relationship with God – reading His Word, talking to Him, and simply just enjoying His presence. It is true that we may have different approaches in how we read our Bibles, and finding our niche is crucial in developing that lifestyle of loving the Word.

Priscilla Shirer, Bible teacher, author, and actress in the movie, “War Room,” shared five (5) P’s to help us deepen in our conversations with God, be more engaged in our reflection on His Word, and to simply enjoy His loving presence.


            Meditating on God’s Word means being in a position ready to hear Him talk to us.  Jesus isolated Himself during His time of intimate prayers to the Father.  His was the perfect example of how it is to position ourselves to hear God speak.  Positioning implies a silencing of noises around us, finding the best time where nothing can interrupt our conversation with God, and, preparing our hearts and minds to hear from God.

            As we position ourselves to hear from Him, we must, at the same time, believe and expect by faith that He will speak to us. God desires to be found and it means effort on our part to seek Him.


            God often speaks to us through His words in the Bible. His Word is our gauge to the messages we receive and the realizations that we have. We need not read long chapters to hear His voice.  Sometimes, a simple passage is enough.  Poring over that passage means reading it over and over again, and putting our whole selves into it. Paraphrasing a passage is also a good way for us to test how we personally understood what its message is. 


            As we pore over the chosen passage and paraphrase it in our own words, try pulling out the spiritual principle.  How is this done?  First, as we go through the passage, ask God to open our hearts to discern a command, an idea, or a truth about Him.  Be alert for any specific command, or spiritual lesson God wants us to hear and see.  Whether it was the first time we read that verse or we have been seeing it since our childhood, God can give new revelations and insights meant for us specifically at that moment.


            This is the most challenging part – the time when we wrestle with ourselves and honestly reflect on our weaknesses.  This self-assessment exercise enables us to ask ourselves how far we are in our spiritual journey – how much we know about God, how obedient are we to His commands, or maybe in which areas of our lives have we experienced/witnessed growth? 

            For the most part, this stage would be a direct engagement with the Holy Spirit – reminding us, rebuking us, or realigning us to where God is leading us or what He wants us to do.


            As Priscilla Shirer puts it, “God does not just speak to be heard, but He speaks to be obeyed.” That is how we are changed by the word of God.  It changes our hearts and we work out that change by walking in and through it. Getting real and serious in studying God’s word means getting geared up to obey what it tells us or what God tells us through His word.


Dear Father, thank You for Your Word that restores, aligns, rebukes, and sustains!  Thank You for the LOVE that has given me new life in You! May I remain faithful in my daily walk with You.  I pray for the courage and the commitment to walk according to Your Word, according to how You planned out my life.  Amen.

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