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I didn’t know God and I never thought it mattered

A testimony by Luzviminda Rodrigo from Masbate, Bicol

Growing up, I never had a Bible. I didn’t know much about God and I didn’t think it mattered.

I love my kids but I fail to be a good example to them. They would see and hear me say the worst things to their father. Whenever my husband and I argue, I answer back with the most awful words I know. We were both hot-tempered. I was so bitter.

My kids were also sickly for some reason. Everyday, I would be on my toes. I get easily worried and upset. I curse at almost everything.

To put it simply, our lives were a mess.

I continued reading. God’s Word unfolded in a lot of ways. It touched many areas of my life — my foul speech, my anxiety, my family. I now know that forgiveness is amazing. I find myself often in need of it. I still get to say bad things to my husband at times but I would now feel horrible after. I have learned to immediately ask for forgiveness.

Before, I didn’t know that the Bible is clear and beneficial. But now that I have it, I am learning a lot and it is guiding me to live a better life.

We now go to church together — my kids, my husband, and I. We were disconnected from God before, like a phone without battery and load. But now that we have the Bible, we are connected to God.

And we continue to know Him more everyday.


Together, we can reach more lives with God’s life-changing Word.