Philippine Bible Society

Handwritten Unity Bible Goes to Abra

Hundreds of people particpated to become modern-day scribes in Bangued, Abra

Last September 16-18, a team from Philippine Bible Society together with Dr. Nati Pagadut of Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate trooped to Divine Word Missionaries in Bangued, Abra to conduct a Handwritten Unity Bible session. Despite of the light drizzle, the event was a complete success as around 400 people participated to become modern-day scribes by writing verses from Sirach 29-33 and 2 Corinthians 11-13.
The event which lasted for only less than a day was attended by people from all walks of life representing almost each sector of society ranging from students, housewives, nuns, and even one prisoner who was visited in his cell so that he could participate in the said event. The actual handwriting ceremony was truly inspiring as most of the writers were delightfully surprised to discover that the verses they were assigned to write have something to do with their respective lives. Some of the participants even traveled by foot for one whole day just so they can participate, which only showed how eager they were to become part of such a historic event.
The successful turnout of this particular event was indeed a testament of the large impact this fundraising project had made across the nation. The enthusiasm displayed by the people was truly remarkable and heartwarming since they not only become part of history but were able to contribute to the Bible cause as well.
The Handwritten Unity Bible project is a two-year fundraising project in support of the May They Be One Bible campaign which aims to distribute five million Bibles to five million families in seven years.