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Handwritten Bible Project Gets a Go from Roman Catholic Counterparts

A mock-up of the planned Handwritten Unity Bible
A mock-up of the Handwritten Unity Bible

In light of the May They Be One Bible Campaign launched last September 2008, the Philippine Bible Society will launch the Handwritten Unity Bible Project this coming September on MTBO’s second year. The Handwritten Unity Bible Project was conceptualized as a fundraising project as well as to create awareness in promoting unity amongst the Filipino people in ushering transformation through fostering a love for God’s word. Leaders of the various religious communities will also be asked to contribute to the project as well as encourage their members from all over the country and abroad to write and lobby to complete the whole Bible in 2 years. Some of those who will be tapped for the project will be government officials and prominent personalities. The project targets to collect a minimum contribution of PhP50 for each written verse amounting to a minimum of PhP 3.565 million which will go to the May They Be One Bible Campaign.
The project was promoted by Bp. Rene Mayugba last July 11, 2010 at the 101st Catholic Bishops’ Conference held at Pope Pius (number?) Center, UN Avenue, Manila. The Handwritten Unity Bible was also one of the partnership topics that was discussed in Radyo Veritas’ program Tinig ng Pastol last Sunday, July 11. The program is hosted by Msgr, Pepe Quitoryo who interviewed guests Hazel Alviz (PBS) and Fr. Oscar Alunday (ECBA) who work hand-in-hand for the success of the May They Be One Bible Campaign. Both times, the project was received with excitement and enthusiasm, looking to towards the vision of bringing the Bible to more and more Filipinos throughout coming years. It is the prayer of PBS that both the MTBO Bible Campaign and the Handwritten Unity Bible Project will indeed be a success to bring more people into the knowledge of God’s Word and in turn into a living relationship with the God whose Word endures through the ages.