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Giving Back to the God Who Gave His All

Giving Back to the God Who Gave His All

A testimony of Angeline Ballesteros from Metro Manila

September 26, 2018

Angeline Ballesteros started reading the Bible when she was twelve years old. She grew up in a household with many siblings and with a father whose occupation did not provide a stable income. This kind of childhood led Angeline to make God and His promises her refuge.

Now, as an adult, Angeline has experienced many trials regarding work, family, and finances. What keeps her strong and composed, she says, is the fact that she holds onto the Lord’s Word and His faithfulness.

Believing that He seeks after her heart and her well-being, Angeline has been transformed from a self-proclaimed worrywart to a woman who rests in God.

Her conviction that God will provide and will be the one to take care of His children has made her very open-handed in giving to expand His Kingdom.

Angeline believes that it is the Lord who gives first, and giving back is another way of worshipping and showing gratitude to Him.

“Times are bad and there are many uncertainties,” notes Angeline. “I focus on God.”

Having experienced God’s faithfulness in providing for all her needs, Angeline has dedicated her life to the ministry of giving and providing financial support.

“The Bible is the air I breathe, the wind I feel. Whatever I am now, it’s because of the Bible,” she proclaims.

Angeline believes that each person needs to hear the Word of God, and so finds it worthy to support the Bible campaign. Let us continue to pray for her, that the Lord will shower more blessings and fulfilled promises in her life.