Philippine Bible Society

From Deadly Vices to Life-giving Service

Jerry Callos, a native of the town of Dapdap in Legazpi City, lived all his life believing that he is on his own and never sought to know God, until one fateful day when he received a Bible and things began to change. He now testifies of how he was brought from darkness into light and how the Living Word transformed him from the inside out.

In a society where smoking and drinking liquor are common vices, Jerry admits he was once buried deep in these addictions. He even got himself into illegal drugs and saw his life wasting away. Although he was able to keep his job, being busy at work was a means of escape. Yet God has a beautiful plan for him and encountered him in a way he least expected.

One day, Jerry and his wife happened to attend mass at St. Raphael Parish instead of the usual local chapel they go to. At that time, copies of the May They Be One (MTBO) Bibles were being given out. They took copies for themselves and Jerry found his heart engaged when he started reading it. God’s Word opened his eyes to a whole new perspective on life.

“This is where I found the kind of life I was seeking. I have gone astray but this brought change into my life,” shares Jerry. He retells that reading the Bible made it clear to him that he was doing the wrong things. The Word of God convicted him and helped him in his walk towards a transformed life.

“The MTBO Bible is my very first Bible, that’s why this is very special to me. I regret that I only got to read the Bible now that I’m old. I’ve realized that the true meaning of life can only be found in His Word,” Jerry muses. He also shares that he was eventually invited to serve in their parish and continues to help in the ministry to this day.

Like Jerry, more people can be reached by God’s Word and experience life transformation. By God’s grace through the MTBO Bible Campaign, over 2.5 million Filipino families have already received their own Bibles which they can now read, meditate upon, and live by. Much work needs to be done, so we remain relentless in this campaign to bring a copy of the Bible to more homes and individuals. The Handwritten Unity Bible (HUB) Old Testament edition has recently been launched to help raise funds for the continuous printing and nationwide distribution of MTBO Bibles. It contains manually written verses by modern-day scribes who are ordinary people from different walks of life. Support the Bible Cause by getting a copy of the HUB Old Testament available at our UN and Sta. Mesa BibleHouses or call 521-5792/714-2424.