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Four Reasons Why Bible Reading in Your Heart Language Matters

One of the most beautiful aspects of culture is language. It is the tool we use in order to communicate with each other, to collaborate in pairs or in groups, and to express thoughts and ideas. The world is so large and vast that even across 195 countries, there are over 6,000 languages – each one with a distinct set of vocabulary words, grammar and punctuation rules, and idiomatic expressions. What a beautiful world we live in! 

But the beauty of language does not end with the way that it sounds or the way it is spoken. Meaning is conveyed in every sentence that we speak, write, and read. Isn’t it heartwarming to read, “Thank you,” and know the intention and intensity behind those words? What about hearing, “I love you,” being said out loud? That is definitely a heart-stopping and life-changing moment – especially if it is said for the first time! 

The best part about God’s Word – the Bible – is that you can read and hear that “I love you” over and over again across each Bible book, passage, and verse. It hits home even harder when you experience that “I love you” in your heart language. Reading the Word of God in the language you fully understand and you are most comfortable with is a game-changer. Truly, your heart will never be the same.

The 8 major languages of the Philippines are:

Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, Samarenyo, Bikolano, Pangasinan, and Pampango. Which one of these is your heart language?

InMyHeartLanguage logo black - Psalm 119.105 Your word is a lamp to guide me
    and a light for my path.

Psalm 119:105, Good News Translation (GNT)

Let us take a look at Psalm 119:105 in the different translations.


Salita mo’y isang tanglaw na sa akin ay patnubay, sa landas kong daraanan, liwanag na tumatanglaw.

Mga Awit 119:105, Magandang Balita Biblia 


Ang imong pulong maoy suga nga magtultol kanako ug maoy kahayag sa akong agianan.

Mga Salmo 119:105, Ang Bag-ong Maayong Balita Biblia 


Ti saom ti silaw a mangidalan kaniak, maysa a lawag iti dana a pagnaak.

Dagiti Salmo 119:105, Ti Baro a Naimbag a Damag Biblia 


Ang imo pulong isa ka suga nga nagatuytoy sa akon mga tiil, kag kapawa sa akon alagyan.

Mga Salmo 119:105, Maayong Balita nga Biblia (2012)


Suga nga nag-uuna ha akon an imo pulong, ngan amo an kapawa para han dalan nakon.

Mga Salmo 119:105, Samarenyo Meaning-Based Bible (1984) 


Ilaw para sa mga bitis ko an saimong tataramon, asin sarong liwanag para sa sakong agihan.

Salmo 119:105, Marahay na Bareta Biblia 


Anti yang sulu ing amanu mu a makiabe king paglakad ku, at sala yang saslag king kakung daralanan.

Ding Dalit 119:105, Ing Mayap a Balita Biblia 


Say salitam et sakey a lamparaan a mangiwanwan ed siak, tan sakey a liwawad dalan ko.

Salmo 119:105, Maung a Balita Biblia 

Reasons why you should read the Bible in your heart language:

  1. Depth and impact – The structure and flow of the passages and chapters showcase the intentionality and thoughtfulness behind each Bible book. The journey from the book of Genesis to Revelation is full of wonderful insights and discoveries; you will begin to realize that every part of the Bible is connected. You will have greater access to the depth and richness of this timeless love letter if you get to read it in the language you understand best. 
  2. Easier to memorize verses – Since reading the Scriptures in your heart language allows you to fully internalize God’s message of love and hope, the act of memorizing key verses should follow more smoothly. The Bible verses that you hold close to your heart can serve as your weapon and shield in any of your life’s seasons. You will have a better chance of equipping yourself with memorized verses when you own a copy of God’s Word in the language you use most often to speak, read, and write.
  3. Easier to apply lessons – God’s Word is beautiful in every possible way. The lessons and teachings contained within its pages are ones that you will keep coming back to no matter how old you are and no matter where you are in life. It will be more natural for you to abide and follow God’s Word when you are able to grasp the core of these lessons through your heart language. 
  4. Share with others – One of the best things you can do with the knowledge you have of the Bible is to share it with others. If you read and immerse yourself in God’s Word in your own heart language, then imagine all the people you can talk to and relate with on a much more personal level. You will be more prepared in case there are any language barriers to overcome when you want to proclaim the amazing truth found in the Scriptures. 


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