Philippine Bible Society

Equipping Filipino Christian Communicators

Knowing not just what but also how to deliver information is crucial for effective communication.  This is all the more true when it is the unchanging Word of God we want to get across to different audiences. With the rapidly changing technology, Christian communicators now are faced with even more challenges to overcome and master so as to remain relevant and effective.
As part of the National Bible Week 2009 celebration, the Philippine Bible Society in partnership with Youth Life, held a 2-day workshop on January 21-22 billed: World Trends and Communication Challenges.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Viggo Sogaard, Director of the Asian Institute of Christian Communication in Chiang Mai, Thailand and a Senior Professor of Communication at the Fuller School of Intercultural Studies. During the Manila workshop, Dr. Sogaard delved on Christ’s model of communication and shared strategies as well as resources on dealing with modern-day challenges.
Attended by pastors, media practitioners, educators, church leaders and workers, the workshop was an eye opener that helped give participants not just a fresh perspective but also new approaches to Christian communicating.